Marmee Medicine


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For some reason it was a really tough day.

Then Marmee hopped up onto her stool just as I was closing up the studio for the day.


It’s one of her favorite perches, and she’s always on the lookout for birds…


I grabbed the camera, which always draws me closer to her. It’s almost as if I can experience the world through her as I peer through the lens…


Through her I can see all the beautiful flowers, hear the twittering of the baby robins under the deck, smell the sea on the breeze…


And after just ten minutes there with Marmee do you want to know something?


I began to relax. Everything really is going to be OK after all. Thanks to my daily dose of Marmee…


‘Til next time,


The Walk to Mill Landing


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I was late getting out for my walk this evening.

It was pretty quiet as I parked at Forest Beach and made my way to Mill Landing.

Anticipating as always the kind of magic that can happen as the day draws to a close at one of my very favorite places on Cape Cod…

Blog1-MillLanding41Blog1-MillLanding48And as I was looking out toward the osprey nests, hoping for some of their aerial magic, I heard a sound from behind me, “Kew! Kew!”

It was a sound that I had heard many times before.  I turned to look, following the movement of a bird that was familiar to me as it hovered over the channel and then swung up, up, and onto the opposite banking…

Blog1-MillLanding42I zoomed in, and there he was. Stretching up so tall, so thin… a lovely green heron

Blog1-MillLanding43Almost blending in with the muddy bank, he crouched and got right down to business.


He scooted along the muddy bank, nimble as a mountain goat, finally making his way down to the water’s edge…

The dinner hour commenced.


With very little fanfare…


And as I headed back to the parking lot at Forest Beach, I was reminded that I had dilly-dallyed long enough for one day.

It was time for me to head for home.

Blog1-MillLanding48-ForestBeach21Have a good evening everybody!


Cat Nap


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I think someone’s getting sleepy this rainy Monday afternoon.


Shhh… lets not wake her.


After all, it’s exhausting being a milliner’s Muse…  Don’t you think?


For anyone who has never read my blog about Marmee, please check out The Milliner’s Muse.

‘Til next time, thank you for visiting me here at Hats (and Cats) and Horses!


Rosie Napravnik and MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® team up again for Old Friends


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The Rosie Signature Hat Collection debuts!

One week ago MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® launched The Rosie Signature Hat Collection, a new collection featuring hats that were inspired and individually signed by Rosie Napravnik, one of North America’s leading jockeys. Twenty percent of the sale price of each hat sold from this collection will be donated to Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement in Kentucky.

Three unique hat styles headline the new collection – the Hallie, the Teddy, and the Jordan. The linings in each hat in The Rosie Signature Hat Collection will be individually signed by Rosie Napravnik as they are sold.

The location for the photo shoot of Rosie modeling these three stunning new designs was historic Keeneland Racecourse. The photographers were our friends Matt and Wendy Wooley of EquiSport Photos who have photographed all six of our annual “Hats Off to the Horses” Derby hat auctions to benefit Old Friends. Bella Rose Clothing Boutique of Lexington, Kentucky furnished Rosie’s beautiful dresses for the shoot and they matched the hats to a T!

Please enjoy these stunning images of Rosie’s day at Keeneland wearing her three new MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® chapeaux created especially for her…

Blog-Keenelandracing3-MattWooleyIntroducing The Hallie Chapeau…

Blog-RosieHat1B-MattWooleyThe perfect hat for a day at the races…


Blog-KeenelandScenic3-MattWooleyThe Teddy Top Hat…

Blog-RosieHat2B-MattWooleyFor Kentucky Oaks or Royal Ascot, or perhaps a special tea or wedding…


Blog-Keenelandworks1-MattWooleyAnd the Jordan Chapeau…

Blog-RosieHat3A-MattWooleyFor your next racing adventure…


A special thank you to Keeneland of Lexington, KY for giving us the perfect location for the launching of our new Rosie Signature Hat Collection!

For more information about the hats, please visit The Rosie Signature Hat Collection webpage.

To learn more about Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Facility in KY, please visit their website at Old Friends.

And thank you for visiting us today at Hats and Horses!



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