Friends Again

As a little girl I loved the color pink; pink and I were the very best of friends. I wore pretty pink floral dresses, loved pink strawberry ice cream, pink lemonade and pink cotton candy. You could always tell which box of crayons was mine as the pink crayon was always worn down to a stub. When Dad asked me what color I wanted my bedroom painted of course I chose “strawberry pink.”


But my love for pink suddenly changed in Home Economics. I was in junior high and had been given my first assignment on a sewing machine and decided to create a dress in a pretty pink daisy pattern fabric. Unfortunately I found the sewing machine quite intimidating and the project didn’t go well. By the time the outfit was finished I was sick of those pink daisies smiling up at me and I had no desire to wear my creation.

After my experience in sewing class the color pink began to wear on me as it always made me think of that dress. Soon I started wondering why I hadn’t chosen a different color for my bedroom. Did all little girls really have to love pink? By this time pink and I were officially not speaking and to anyone who asked me about the color I would simply say I don’t do pink!

Many years later when I became a milliner and began MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®, I created a line of handcrafted hats which I offered in a rainbow of colors. There were yellow hats, navy hats, red hats and purple hats. But no pink.


Then the request for pink hats began. I wanted to offer the colors my customers wanted, but I first had to like pink again. A friend said I should think of the color like a childhood friend I had lost touch with and just needed to get to know again. She suggested that I start mixing pink in with other colors for some of my hat trims. Reluctantly I took her advice and created a chocolate brown hat and trimmed it with a sash and rose curl in a soft pink. The combined colors appealed to me and I soon found myself making friends once more with pink. My awakening came at a time when women were once again discovering pink in fashion, including hats. Pink hats for weddings again took center stage. They also became popular at the Royal Ascot races and especially for “Ladies’ Day” at the Kentucky Oaks, with a focus for wearing pink to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Anne and the "Clara" Derby Chapeau with a friend
Anne and the “Clara” Derby Chapeau with a friend

Now, once again, I am in love with pink. But it is different this time. Thanks to my  customers who love pink and my own rediscovered passion for all things pink, I can stretch out as a designer and play with countless shades of pink and let the magic happen. I never imagined that I would be saying this again, but here it is: I don’t like pink. I LOVE pink!

Please enjoy The Pink Hat Gallery slide show from MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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8 Replies to “Friends Again”

  1. They sure are beautiful! My favorites in this gallery would be the “Gracie” and also the “Carolina” Chapeau! Just lovely all of them! I’m certainly appreciating pink today while reading your blog ! Happy Valentines Day!


    1. Hi Valerie, I am so glad that you liked the pink story. Somehow, it seemed like th right time for it with Valentine’s day and all. And I love that image of the lady with the hot pink fleur and the horse. I tried, at the time, to find out who the horse was but she only knew that he was owned by a friend of a friend… 🙂


  2. Pink and I were always weary acquaintances in my youth; too pretty and fussy for my tomboy ways. One did not wear pink when scampering in the woods and exploring creeks, caves and their inhabitants, nor soccer playing with the boys or climbing trees for that matter!

    The moment the colour began to delight me escapes me now, but love it I do! Last summer’s purchase of a white and pink Brooks Brothers dress was a favourite addition to my wardrobe. Chaque chose en son temps… 🙂

    So many beautiful pink chapeaux, Sally, but the custom ”Chris” is my favourite!


    1. Isn’t it amazing, about Pink, Céline? It sounds like we were both tomboys, I was forever riding stick horses, playing Cowboys and Indians, building tree huts, hiking and climbing all over as well. I am just so glad tat we both grew to LOVE pink, and there are so many different SHADES to explore! I love the custom “Chris”, too, the color and those wavy brim layers – like a ballerina! 🙂


  3. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO YOU, TOO!!!!! Just think of “pink” of one of your “dots.” There are SO MANY shades of pink….I love the softer pinks myself. Anyway, hope you had a GREAT weekend and……GO PINK!!!!!!


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