The “Poppy” Hat

In our country horses have always been part of our lives. They have worked our farms, taken settlers West and provided transportation in our towns and cities where they pulled our carts, wagons and carried our policemen. They have also served and continue to serve in our military.  Whatever we have asked of them, they have done and still do today. They thrill us with their athleticism as show jumpers, barrel racers and Kentucky Derby winners. Their beauty continues to inspire artists and their innate theraputic powers help war veterans and children to heal. Whether they are draft horses or ponies, crossbreds, purebreds or wild, horses are our heroes and we are indebted to them regardless of their bloodlines or age.

The “Poppy” hat by MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® was created to celebrate all of the wonderful horses in our lives and to thank them for the many ways in which they serve and inspire us.


Created in white dupioni silk with a rich red dupioni silk underbrim, the “Poppy” design measures approximately 19 inches, end to end. The hat is trimmed with three delicate poppies created in red silk organza with black silk organza centers and leaves.

Please enjoy the following slideshow of the “Poppy” hat design, or visit the webpage especially created for her at The Poppy Chapeau page at MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®.

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I hope you’ll stop by and visit again soon!



6 Replies to “The “Poppy” Hat”

  1. Gosh, Sally, if you ever get out of the hat-making business, you could be a spokesperson for the horse. What a wonderful and succinct statement you make about the value of the horse, from practical to magical.

    I especially love the vibrant colors and expression of joy in this latest creation of yours. Good job!


    1. Thank you for all your kind words, Sue. And I hope that through my hat designs I am a spokesperson for the horse, even in a small way. Everyone is here for a different reason. The horses are one of my reasons for being… and your support means more than you know, my friend, xox


    1. Thank you so much, Rhonda… They have always given everything, and till do. It is my life’s work to try and do all that I can through my hats to give something back for their welfare. I believe that we owe them so much, mpre than we could ever repay. Taking good care of them all is the very least that we can do.


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