Polka Dots Debut on the Red Carpet

Welcome once again to “The Red Carpet by MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®” at Hats and Horses! Today three new Derby hat designs from MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® make their grand entrance on the red carpet featuring polka dots.

I would like to present these three special Ladies to you, one by one, as they make their entrance…

“Billie” is the smallest of our three hat designs, a true mini “top hat” fascinator with a ton of personality. This tiny black chapeau in black dupioni silk is trimmed with a silver and black polka dot taffeta sash and double bow with a single black silk rose curl for the bow knot. She may be small in size but this little “Billie” is full of pizzazz and charisma as you will see when you visit the Billie Der116-006 webpage created especially for her at MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®.


“Chelsea” is our second design debuting today on the Red Carpet. Like all of the other classic Chelsea Derby hat styles at MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®, this new Chelsea is brimming with elegance and style in black and white jumbo polka dots with a bold fuchsia taffeta sash and triple bow. Perfect for the Oaks! You can visit her at the Chelsea Der60-026 webpage.


Last but never least, the “Sallita” Derby chapeau makes her grand entrance in a big way. Created in dove gray linen, Sallita is adorned with a single large swirling silver and white silk organza rose curl set off with a stunning gray and white polka dot sash. To learn more about her please visit the Sallita Der6-036 webpage at MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®.


I hope you have enjoyed meeting all three of these new lovely Ladies from MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®. Please enjoy the following slideshow of these three brand new millinery designs created for the Oaks and Derby weekend at Churchill Downs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until next time, keep watching for “The Red Carpet by MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®” at Hats and Horses!



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