Star Gazing on the Red Carpet

Welcome once again to “The Red Carpet by MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®” at Hats and Horses!

We’re just 21 days out from the 139th running of the Kentucky Derby and I’d like to share a very special Derby chapeau with you. Her name is “Lily”.


Spring is a time when new hat designs are born at MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®. It is the time when ladies who are attending the Kentucky Derby come to me with their ideas for their own very special Derby hat. Together we work on their vision in the style, colors and trims to match their vision.  A woman named Jackie called me about a month ago. Jackie is going to the Derby for the first time and she wanted a hat trimmed with a stargazer lily, the official flower for the Kentucky Oaks.

I’d been longing to create a stargazer lily trim literally for YEARS. Stargazer lilies were named for the way they face toward the sky and have been the official flower of the Kentucky Oaks since 1991 when Lite Light wore the garland of lilies in the winner’s circle for the very first time.

I told Jackie that if she was willing, I would create her lily design with a twist to give it a unique MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® look. She agreed, and thanks to Jackie the new stargazer lily trim was born: a striking floral design that uses fuchsia dupioni silk and white silk organza for the petals, a mix of green tulle, yellow veiling, and orange tulle for the flower’s center, and a medley of green taffeta leaves to represent the oak ivy leaves that border the garland of stargazer lilies on Kentucky Oaks Day.


Today on the Red Carpet I am debuting my new “Lily” chapeau that I created to showcase the stargazer lily trim that Jackie inspired. I chose a bold fuchsia dupioni silk hat as the foundation for this amazing new floral trim. So bold yet so delicate, the stargazer’s petals literally reach for the sky. And if you close your eyes, you can almost smell the sweet perfume of the fragrant flowers that will soon be worn by a special filly on Kentucky Oaks Day.

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You’ll find more information about the Lily chapeau when you visit the Lily Der220-001 webpage created especially for her at MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®. For more Derby hat designs please visit the Kentucky Derby Hat Collection at MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® that offers three hat salons.

Until next time, keep watching for “The Red Carpet by MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®” at Hats and Horses!



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