Inspiration Right Outside Your Door

Someone asked me the other day, “What inspires you as an artist?” My first response was, “Well, everything.” And it’s true. I can be inspired by the great milliners of the past, by today’s fashion designers, by art, music, literature, movies, other artists’ stories and the natural world that surrounds us.

The word inspiration comes from the Latin inspirare, meaning “to breathe into”. As an artist I need to remind myself that I cannot be continually creating. Sometimes I need to step back from the all-consuming work of creating hats and running a website business and find some kind of time and space for myself, and just literally breathe. I am fortunate to live on Cape Cod and for me, taking a walk at one of our marshes, allowing my senses to be reawakened and soaking in all of the beauty that surrounds me, is just the therapy I need to feel rejuvenated, energized, and yes, inspired. I call this time my sanctuary. Still, it can be tough when you earn your living from your art to break free from the To Do List that never seems to get done. It almost feels frivolous, like an extravagance that you can’t afford.

But I am learning that this time for personal inspiration and reflection is an essential part of living the artist’s life. This morning I ignored all my usual reservations about giving myself that time.  Instead, I got up early, fed our kitty Marmee, took a few swallows of coffee, grabbed the camera and headed out the door. From the moment I stepped outside onto our deck, I could feel myself relax. My shoulders dropped, my breathing deepened as I took in the thick smell of the morning, the soft early light, the twittering of the birds; I was home.

Blog-RedRiverWalk6-13-13-22 Blog-RedRiverWalk6-13-13-1 Blog-RedRiverWalk6-13-13-2 Blog-RedRiverWalk6-13-13-4Blog-RedRiverWalk6-13-13-8Blog-RedRiverWalk6-13-13-6Blog-RedRiverWalk6-13-13-10
Blog-RedRiverWalk6-13-13-9 Blog-RedRiverWalk6-13-13-13 Blog-RedRiverWalk6-13-13-15 Blog-RedRiverWalk6-13-13-16Returning home to our tiny apartment, I headed up the stairs and spotted a small bird perched on the lattice fence bordering the patio below. It was a baby robin! We knew there was a robin’s nest beneath our deck as we had been hearing the babies chirping whenever the adults swooped in to feed them. If I hadn’t been out for a walk this morning I may never have witnessed this tiny creature’s first moments out of the nest. It felt like a gift.

Inspiration can be anywhere and everywhere, just waiting for us. Even right outside our door.

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10 Replies to “Inspiration Right Outside Your Door”

  1. Time for yourself well worth taking, it would appear, Sally – lovely photos! I am forever grateful that you provide me with the opportunity to expand my horizons with your blogs, your beautiful chapeaux, your love of horses, and your thirst for knowledge and beauty that you so willingly share with your readers each and every day. So I say: Allow yourself more time to step out and ”just literally breathe” in your breathtakingly beautiful Cape Cod. You certainly deserve it! ❤


    1. Oh Celine, you honor me with your kind words… I shall do as you suggest and get out there more to experience this amazing Cape Cod landscape we call home. It inspires so many, I am so pleased that you enjoyed the blog. You ahave been such an amazingly supportive person in my life ever since I got on FB and now wth this blog. And I can’t thank you enough for your kindness, insight, and your own passion for beauty and awareness. Here’s to more “breathing” then, and to good friends! ❤


  2. Sally, one of your best posts. I loved it. I could feel the heavy marsh air as you described it, and your pictures are really GOOD. And of course, it’s a reminder to us all to step back from the computer and the To Do List for a moment and look up at our beautiful world.


    1. Oh Sue, THANK you for your kind words… So glad you liked the pics, the camera is an old friend that I need to spend more time with, for sure. It was such an amazing experience to be gifted wih the sighting of that sweet bright-eyed baby robin. Wow. Those are the moments I live for! xox


  3. Good morning, Sally, What a GREAT way to begin my day – by reading this recent post of yours. It is truly an inspiration for all of us to “stop and smell the roses” that are all around us each and every day. LOVED reading this…your writing is as creative as your designs!!! Thank you…hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend.


    1. Thank you so much, Connie, I am sl glad you liked the new post. I was so amazed to see the little bright-eyed robin fledgling, ready to say “Hello” as I returned from this amazing walk. It was quite the moment. Have a great weekend! 🙂


  4. Wonderful photographs… I find I have to take that time out to connect with nature and ‘breathe’. Like you, when I’m surrounded by nature (with my camera in my hands) I feel at home… I would be miserable indeed without it! 🙂


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