Cape Cod Yard Sailing – Sunday, June 23, 2013

This weekend I want to begin sharing another great passion of mine — YARD SALES!


The truth is, yard sales make me happy. Even as a young girl, I was always drawn to old things. While my girlfriends in high school were dashing to the mall to snag up the latest designer labels, I was haunting the local thrift shops and garage sales for more vintage items. The things that people were getting rid of fascinated me. They already had a history and usually some wear and tear, but to me they were perfect. You just never knew what might be waiting on the very next table or lying long forgotten in a musty old jewelry box. I was forever on a quest to find that one special relic from the past, and the thrill of the hunt spurred me on!

Today I have the perfect excuse for feeding my yard sale passion as I am a hat maker, and as such I am in constant need of hat trims and items for inspiration.

Over the years I’ve had some amazing finds. Old mill spools are perfect for holding cocktail hats and fascinators along with the old hat holder that clips on the edge of a shelf.


I love the way light shines through colored glass.  And why not make a beautiful old vase into a hatstand?


Old hat boxes, vintage cocktail hats, books on fashion design, bits of lace and braiding; over the years I’ve found all kinds of treasures.


Buckles, beads and fancy beaded appliqués… Now what could be better for creating special hats for my ladies who want that one-of-a-kind look?


As many of you know, I am an avid supporter of the retired Thoroughbred racehorses, and every year I create Derby hats for Old Friends of Kentucky to help raise funds for the horses who now live there. To create these special hats, I draw equine inspiration from many different places. Horse collectibles of all kinds are always on my yard sale list. Horses that rock, horses that roll, horses made of brass, wood and glass. At times they seem to literally jump into my car for the drive home where they become part of our stable as they are lovingly set onto a shelf, an open corner space, or onto my desk. Surrounded by such glorious, animated equines, I am inspired to create my Derby hats that honor some of the greatest Thoroughbreds of our time!

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I hope you’ll visit Hats and Horses again soon. And if it’s the weekend, you might see a post from me inviting you to come along and see what treasures I have  discovered from some recent yard sale adventure just down the road or over the hill here on Cape Cod. And if you’re not a fan of horses or hats, have no fear. There’s always at least one stowaway that finds its way into my yard sale basket.  It’s my favorite form of sailing!


Until next time, thank you for visiting Hats and Horses!



5 Replies to “Cape Cod Yard Sailing – Sunday, June 23, 2013”

  1. Hi Sally!!! My Mom and I LOVE yard sales!!!!! We are like you in that we enjoy seeing what we can find…you just never know!!!! GREAT article…THANK YOU!!!! Hope you have a wonderful week..


    1. Oh Connie I am so glad that you and your Mom enjoy yard “sailing” too! Sometimes I think I live for them, they are just so much fun! I hope to have more yard sale adventures each weekend, so be looking for my posts. 🙂 Have a great week!


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