Raindrops and Roses

Fabric rose curls are one of my signature hat trims trims. Created in dupioni silk, silk organza, taffeta and chiffon, they adorn the hats that I create for teas, weddings and the Kentucky Derby.

Inspiration for my rose curls comes from the wild and cultivated roses that grow in abundance here on Cape Cod. Getting outside with my camera to shoot roses at the beach and nearby gardens gives me such a feeling of stillness and peace which I then bring to bear into the creative process as I sculpt my hat trims back in my studio.



Years ago a wonderful rose garden at our town’s community center was created that I love to visit. Lately however the weather has been most uncooperative for outdoor photography due to clouds and rain. The other day, after dealing with cabin fever long enough, I waited till the rain stopped, grabbed my camera and made a beeline for the garden. I thought that if I could just smell the roses, I would be inspired, my senses reawakened.

The trip was full of surprises. For starters, a stone eagle greeted me as I approached the garden, obviously under his protection.


The light offered another surprise. Rose after rose, still wet with raindrops after the latest shower, were bathed in a soft light that made the colors pop even as skies were darkening above. The effect was amazing.

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It was a gift, on a day that only moments before had promised only cloudbursts and thunderclaps. Full of wonder and inspired once again to create my roses, I headed home with my camera filled with images to remind me that there is always beauty and magic in between the raindrops if I just remember to look.

‘Til next time, thanks for visiting me at Hats and Horses!



14 Replies to “Raindrops and Roses”

  1. Hi pea…just love that you get an outlet to write…I so want that but cannot figure out a venue…you have a built in one with your business….not sure if you got my message about grammy’s button box….I never knew about that between you and Grammy…why don’t I remember her like you do? Oh, and is that mommy’s bluish colored round music box? I so loved that and thought she threw it away, like so many other things. Did she ever get rid of her old jewelry? I used to love to go through all that stuff. Loved the topaz.

    Ahhhh, so many memories.

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Hi Pea… I got to a place where I HAD to write. It began with he hats and horses theme, but then I needed to branch out more, allowing the blog posts to become more personal. The movie, “Julie & Julia” was the final push for starting the blog, and now I can’t imagine not having this outlet. I would LOVE to see you write again, too, to always loved your stories. I am going to email you more about Grammy, her music box, her “jewels”. So much there, even though my memories are few and disjointed at best. I didn’t see your message about Grammy’s box, where did you send it from? Anyhoo, Pea, thnk you for this message, and I’ll be in touch soon! xox


  2. And it was lucky for us that you looked – the roses are spectacular, Sally! Thank you for your wonderful words and photos! ❤ Makes me want to stop and smell the roses… 😉


    1. I so glad that you enjoyed the roses, Celine. I am so enjoying playing with the writing and the photography, and it’s all helping me grow as an artist as te stories seem to keep popping up! It’s quite the juggle going on here, with the hats needing me, too… 🙂 Thank you always, Celine. ❤


  3. What a GREAT way to start my day…you should also be a professional writer…not only do you create one-of-a-kind hats, but your writing is fantastic!!!! Hope you have a wonderful week!!!


    1. Oh Connie, now you’ve just made MY day! Thank you fo your kind words, and your support. I am so glad that you are enjoying the blog posts. It’s beginning to feel like I’m finding out what work best for me with the blog. Not only the kinds of stores, but also finding my blog “voice”, if you will. So thank you, for your feedback, it means everything! 🙂


  4. Love your Hats Maggie…I really found them Amazing…it has Always been a Little bit passion and horses is an fantastic animal that I really like too and for the third You have a very nice blog that I really want to see more about!!! 🙂


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