A Hat for Marguerite

I am busy throughout the year designing and creating new hats to add to my collections which include Derby hats, wedding hats, Royal Ascot hats, garden party hats and tea hats. My problem isn’t inspiration, it’s that there are too few hours in the day for all of my millinery visions.

But sometimes the creation of a new hat design is a far more surrendipitous occurence. Just a few days ago I was asking my Facebook followers what new colors they might like to see for another “Mary” hat style.


The Mary debuted for the Derby this Spring in yellow linen with soft lime green taffeta trims and I thought it might be fun to offer her in more colors. I received a wide variety of ideas from my Facebook query and was excited to get the new Mary colors and trims underway.

Just then, I got a call from my friend Marguerite in North Carolina. Marguerite is one of those people whose voice over a telephone wire can literally make one’s day brighter. Over the years, she and I have created some truly amazing custom hat designs, one of our finest being the “Marguerite.”


Marguerite told me that she was in need of a hat gift for a very dear friend: a cloche style, in jewel tones, a comfy casual style that could be worn anytime. I suggested the Mary for her stylish look as well as the brim which offers great sun protection. Hot pink linen and rich black brocade were selected for the fabrics, and Marguerite chose a rose trim style that appealed to her.

In spite of the geographical distance, Marguerite was right here beside me in my tiny Cape Cod studio as I got her friend’s hat underway. I could hear her voice as I prepared the fabrics, stitched the hat pieces together, and then carefully handstitched all of the trims into place. Marguerite is a part of this hat; in every stitch, every swirling curve of the linen/organza rose, every fold of the silk leaves that frame it.

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Thank you, Marguerite, for the chance to create with you again. I hope that your friend loves her new hat which I have named, “Marguerite’s Mary”.

Until next time everybody, thank you for visiting Hats and Horses!



11 Replies to “A Hat for Marguerite”

  1. I L O V E my Marguerite “Big Red’s Bonnet/Secretariat’s Sensation” hat you created for me!!!!! Everyone at the Big Red’s Birthday Party which was held March 30 thought it was FANTASTIC!!!! No one had EVER seen ANYTHING like it!!!! Thanks again, Sally!!!!


    1. And I loved working with you on that special custom design inspired by the great Secretariat, Connie! I showed Marguerite a photo of your hat, one that I had taken before shipping I to you, and she wanted me to tell you that she LOVED the new custom creation – said it was FABULOUS!! 🙂


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