Cape Cod Yard Sailing: Rockin’ with the Horses

As a little girl I loved rocking horses. I could spend hours rocking back and forth as my trusty steed and I would fly over jumps at the Grand National or race the Black Stallion along Cape Cod beaches.


Over the years my stable of rocking horses has grown. One of my very first blog posts, “A Horse for Christmas“, was a story about a very special rocking horse named Prancer that my husband Tom found for me at our local Christmas Stroll.


A passionate yard saler, most of my rocking horses are the spoils of my yard sale adventures here on Cape Cod.


My rocking horse collection is by no means limited to just the ones that you can ride. Over the years and in some of the most unexpected places I have found rocking horses in all shapes, colors and sizes.




Some of the horses I have found are made of wood; others are made of glass, metal or ceramic. Some have manes and tails fashioned out of yarn, twisted metal or roping; others are painted.




The one thing my rocking horses all have in common is their uniqueness, for no two are quite alike. Some of them were designed for a particular purpose: music boxes,  Christmas tree ornaments and candle holders. Others are purely decorative.




One by one, these magical rocking horses have become part of the stable here at MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®. Set atop a shelf, alongside my computer or nestled among hat trims, they inspire and delight me with their bright colors, gentle rocking and occasional whinny.



Thank you once again for sharing my yard sale finds at Hats and Horses.

‘Til next time, Happy Sailing and rock on!


6 Replies to “Cape Cod Yard Sailing: Rockin’ with the Horses”

  1. What an incredible collection you have ! This is a great thing to collect. Why didn’t I ever think of it? I’d imagine you have the hallmark rocking horse christmas ornaments as well. I have one that evidently is now worth so money. Hard to imagine.


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