Just Keep Paddlin’

For the past week many of us across the country have been locked into a real heat wave. As an artist living and working in a tiny garret apartment without AC, it has been a challenge to breathe let alone feel inspired.

To cope with the heat, I have found sanctuary in my early morning walks along the Red River marsh where I played as a little girl and made friends with the ducks, birds and animals I encountered.




This morning as I snapped photos along the river’s edge, I got an unexpected piece of good news from Mr. M, a lovely hybrid mallard, decked out in his finest Sunday feathers and paddling out in the middle of the river.


It seems that Mr. M had heard the news from Snowy the egret as he preened himself on a muddy river mound following his breakfast.


Now Mr. M is not a duck of few words. To complicate matters further, he kept getting distracted by his own lovely reflection in the river’s glassy surface as he paddled to and fro.




It took every ounce of patience I had in the sultry heat to hear him out. Slowly, bit by bit, I pieced it all together: cooler, drier days are coming soon! Days that will soon make the unbearable humidity and heat seem like water off a duck’s back.

Just then he added, “So don’t give up, just keep paddlin’! Don’t give up, just keep paddlin’!” And away he went, mumbling something about being late for brunch with a Mad Hatter down a rabbit hole on the other side of the marsh.


Hope your Sunday turns cooler, wherever you may be, and thank you again for visiting me at Hats and Horses!



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