Over the Moon

This week’s “blue moon” has been pulling on me like the tides.


They call it a “blue moon” not because of its color but because it is an extra full moon that happens only once in every three years or so; hence the cliché, “once in a blue moon”. We won’t see another blue moon until 2015 which made this one feel extra special.


I have always loved the moon and the songs, stories and movies about it including Henry Mancini’s “Moon River” from Breakfast at Tiffiney’s , the popular song and movie, On Moonlight Bay and Sam McBratney’s storybook, Guess How Much I Love You about the father Nutbrown Hare who loves his son “right up to the moon and back.” I love Nancy Griffith and her Blue Moon Orchestra, the Cher/Nick Cage movie Moonstruck and the moon chimes hanging in my porthole window here at MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®.


I wasn’t alone this week in my preoccupation with the moon. Even Google got into the act with their elegant animated doodle of the moon honoring Claude Debussey and his famed piece, “Claire de lune” (Moonlight).

Whether it was the fact that we won’t be seeing another blue moon until 2015 or the fact that this was the first time I’d ever photographed a full moon, I thoroughly enjoyed being under its magic spell. At times glowing like a big round ball, at others framed by pine boughs or barely visible through passing clouds, this moon felt like a gift as I turned my lens in its direction.




Inspired by the moon, this week I have been dreaming and sketching new hat designs in silvery dupioni silk trimmed with touches of translucent blue, golden yellow and winter white. More Derby designs like this “Katie” and “Liza” will be coming soon and I couldn’t be more thrilled. You might say, over the moon.



I hope you’ll visit me again soon at Hats and Horses!




8 Replies to “Over the Moon”

  1. Absolutely awesome photos! The hats are also very stunning! I Love Clair De Lune, I was letting the doodle play out as I worked. Thanks for sharing, as your photos may be my only viewing this year of the blue moon. Sometimes avoiding listening to the news (to not hear all the bad things) you miss some good.


    1. Aw, thank you so much! And I so understand what you mean about the news. I watch to keep current, and I get out with my camera as often as I can squeeze it in — it helps keep me grounded! Does it do that for you, too?


      1. Absolutely, getting out to see and experience beautiful things gives me the warm fuzzies! I’m a bit OCD, so when something either good or bad gets a foothold in my brain, it’s a hard thing to shake. I’ve stopped watching the news and put my homepage to google (used to be yahoo) to stop seeing all the craziness going on in this world. I’m glad to have found blogging as an outlet and reading all the wonderful posts from creative and talented bloggers such as yourself =-) It’s really calmed my psyche!


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