MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® Derby Hat Countdown – 92 of 101

Welcome to Day 10 in our Derby Hat Countdown featuring 101 Derby hats created by MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®!

Today’s hat is a real favorite of mine, the Chelsea of the Black and White Polka Dots! This hat can be found in Salon 3 of the Derby Hat Collection at…


Many of my customers tell me they consider the Chelsea their favorite hat; the brim is  not too big, the crown is not too tall and everything about her feels just right. I often hear the words, “She’s perfect!”

A couple of years ago, I decided that I would combine the Chelsea style with one of my favorite things: polka dots! I have written blogs about my passion for these dots. (You can read the blog posts from 2013 at Polka Dots Debut on the Red Carpet and Connecting the Dots.)

Large dots, small dots, white dots, red dots, any-color-dots; polka dots make me smile!

I found the perfect black and white cotton for the Chelsea with a medium sized dot. I then took bright red dupioni silk to create a dazzling scarlet underbrim for contrast, added a simple red taffeta sash, double bow and button, and the new Chelsea was complete. In just the right light, you can actually see the polka dots right through the red silk when the wearer’s face is upturned. It’s a magical polka dot surprise for anyone who loves these animated little spots as much as I do!


For more views of the Chelsea chapeau shown above, please visit the Chelsea hat webpage.

And please visit the KY Derby Hat Collection where new Derby hats have just been added to all four Derby hat salons!

Thank you for visiting us here at Hats and Horses for Hat 92 of our Derby Hat Countdown.

Only 91 Derby chapeaux to go!



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