MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® Derby Hat Countdown – 88 of 101

Welcome to the Derby Hat Countdown featuring 101 Derby hats created by MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®!

Today our featured Hat #88 is the “Barbara” cloche that is found in Salon 4 of the Derby Hat Collection at


Thanks to Downton Abbey, the popular British television series on Masterpiece, the cloche has once again become a favorite for fancy teas and weddings as well as the Kentucky Derby. Typically fashioned out of linen or cotton for casual wear, I wanted to create a cloche out of fine silk in a design worthy of a debut at Churchill Downs or even the Queen’s Garden Party.

The result was a Barbara style in navy silk organza, trimmed with a single large rose curl in alternating layers of hot pink organza and fuchsia dupioni silk; a matching silk sash surrounds the crown. For one last bit of silk magic, I fashioned long slender “feathers” out of navy silk organza that gently frame the wearer’s face.


For more views of the Barbara chapeau shown above, please visit the Barbara hat webpage.

Please visit our KY Derby Hat Collection at where you will find everything from tiny fascinators to extra wide brims chapeaux for Derby Day.

Thank you for visiting us here at Hats and Horses for Hat 88 of our Derby Hat Countdown.

Only 87 Derby chapeaux to go!



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