MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® Derby Hat Countdown – 21 of 101

The Derby Hat Countdown continues featuring 101 Derby hats created by MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®!

Today we are featuring Hat #21, the “Chris”, a wide brim Derby chapeau that is found in Derby Hat Salon 1 at


Yellow and springtime are a perfect match. This year I was so pleased to see that Pantone had chosen “Freesia”, a scrumptious yellow, as one of the “in” colors for the season. Pantone is known world-wide for their color matching system and is closely watched by the fashion industry for their color choices.

Although Chris has been part of my Derby collection for a few seasons, having Pantone choose her yellow as “in” inspired me to highlight her once again. The Chris is created out of a sumptuous freesia yellow linen and features wavy lemon organza brim layers.  She measures nearly 18″ at the brim with a single rose centerpiece fashioned out of soft lemon organza that is framed with lemon satin leaves.



A lemon satin sash encircles the crown for a look that is soft and elegant.


For more views of the “Chris” hat design shown above, please visit the Chris Der-001 webpage at

And don’t forget to visit our KY Derby Hat Collection offering four new Derby hat salons this year. Something for everyone from fascinators to extra wide brims!

Thank you for visiting us here at Hats and Horses for Hat 21 of our Derby Hat Countdown.

Just 20 Derby chapeaux and 20 days to go ’til the 140th Kentucky Derby!



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