The Angel in my House

Isn’t it amazing sometimes what you can find when you start cleaning up your studio? I came across this neat angel that my Aunt Carole had painted many, many years ago.


Aunt Carole was an amazing artist with very unique ideas. She was the first person who taught me to draw, and she always gave us the most unusual gifts for Christmas.

Today I dusted off her angel., and now she’s hanging from the ceiling, looking down on me from above as I create.

Right where she should be….


And I’m right where I should be today, too, back to blogging and sharing this creative pathway. I have MISSED you all!

‘Til next time, thanks for visiting Hats and Horses!



6 Replies to “The Angel in my House”

  1. She’s lovely, Sally! Talent runs in your family, I see! May she watch over you and guide you well in all that do.

    Céline xo

    P.S. A name comes to mind as I look at her sweet face… 🙂


      1. Her name was mentioned to me in an e-mail a few weeks past… Just seems right to think of her watching over you…


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