The Walk to Mill Landing

I was late getting out for my walk this evening.

It was pretty quiet as I parked at Forest Beach and made my way to Mill Landing.

Anticipating as always the kind of magic that can happen as the day draws to a close at one of my very favorite places on Cape Cod…

Blog1-MillLanding41Blog1-MillLanding48And as I was looking out toward the osprey nests, hoping for some of their aerial magic, I heard a sound from behind me, “Kew! Kew!”

It was a sound that I had heard many times before.  I turned to look, following the movement of a bird that was familiar to me as it hovered over the channel and then swung up, up, and onto the opposite banking…

Blog1-MillLanding42I zoomed in, and there he was. Stretching up so tall, so thin… a lovely green heron

Blog1-MillLanding43Almost blending in with the muddy bank, he crouched and got right down to business.


He scooted along the muddy bank, nimble as a mountain goat, finally making his way down to the water’s edge…

The dinner hour commenced.


With very little fanfare…


And as I headed back to the parking lot at Forest Beach, I was reminded that I had dilly-dallyed long enough for one day.

It was time for me to head for home.

Blog1-MillLanding48-ForestBeach21Have a good evening everybody!



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