Colorful Company

As a fabric artist the colors that I see in my world inspire the hats that I create. Since our recent nor’easters here on the Cape we have lost most of our leaves and I’ve been experiencing intense “color withdrawal”.

That is until I headed to Chatham the other day where I found not only some pretty colorful landscapes but some colorful characters as well…
Blog-ChathamLight1From Chatham Light to the Fish Pier…
Blog-ChathamFishPier6There were seagulls everywhere. Across the channel on the mud flats, soaking in the last rays of the day.
Blog-ChathamFishPier4In the air above me a mischievous gull suddenly flew up and beckoned me to the outlook above the fishing boats.
Blog-ChathamFishPier2There I looked out and found the seals! My “swallows of the sea”, delighting as they do in the sheer joy of being…
Blog-ChathamFishPier7How glorious it must be to be one of them, floating, nose to the sky, soaking in color and light and smell…
Blog-ChathamFishPier10And as I headed back to the studio I felt more ready than ever to create.

Inspired by the glorious color I had seen and perhaps even more by the colorful company I had been blessed to keep.

‘Til next time we meet!



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