Christmas Horse – Wishing Upon a Star

I find things at yard sales and thrifts all year round.

Treasured bits and bobs that get set aside.

SallyHorse33And then, one day…

SallyHorse34 They find their own special SPOT.

Sometimes, there’s a theme.

I call this one, “Wishing Upon a Star”…

SallyHorse32And as anyone who knows me will understand, that little girl inside me still dreams of one day having a horse all her very own. It’s been my Christmas wish for as long as I can remember.

And someday, if that wish comes true, my horse and I together will be twinkling as bright as the brightest of stars in the evening sky.

You can be sure of that!

Hope you’re enjoying your holidays, and thank you for visiting me here at Hats and Horses!



3 Replies to “Christmas Horse – Wishing Upon a Star”

  1. “Wishing upon a star” is just perfect for that. I love it. I am a senior citizen but when I was a child I always wanted to grow up to be Dale Evans (my favorite t.v. show). I never had a horse and never really was around them but a couple of times and always pretended my bike was my horse (silly I know), but my friend and I would ride them all around and have such a good time. I live near Colonial Downs (closed now) and spent a few years going to the races and loving to see the beautiful horses. We attend Secretariat’s Birthday Celebration at Meadow Farm in Doswell, Va. and I always look forward to that. Would love to go to Old Friends one day. I always enjoy your post and pictures and the hats you create are beautiful.
    Sorry to talk your ear off.


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