Christmas Strolling under a Full Cold Moon

I LOVE to stroll at Christmas.

Two weeks ago the neighboring Cape Cod village of Harwich Port held its annual stroll and my husband and I made sure we were there!

Blog-HarwichStroll2014-10The weather had been iffy but thankfully the rain held off and the full December moon could be seen peeking through the clouds.

Blog-HarwichStroll2014-1AWe parked in our usual spot at the municipal golf course just outside of town. I can remember my Mom and Dad used to play golf there and the tiny “pond” near the second hole was the best place for us kids to go skating.

Blog-HarwichStroll2014-2We caught the tail end of the traditional caroling and tree lighting on the green at the end of town. My favorite tree was the smallest of the bunch; covered with twinkling white lights and surrounded by the glowing faces of children.

Blog-HarwichStroll2014-6A short hike soon brought us into the crowds of holiday traffic and twinkling lights. Eager shoppers filled the stores, elbow to elbow, nibbling on Christmas cookies and sipping steaming cups of mulled cider.

Blog-HarwichStroll2014-4Every lamp post, porch and front lawn along Main Street was trimmed with lights and pine boughs decorated with red velvet ribbons.

At the local Cape Cod 5 bank we were greeted at the front door by Santa and friends. I must admit, Santa was looking a bit distressed, checking his gift list again and again. But Mrs. Santa and Frosty could not have been more welcoming!

Blog-HarwichStroll2014-28The Congregational church in the center of town was beautifully decorated as always and the air was filled with the angelic sounds of music from within.

Blog-HarwichStroll2014-12On the church lawn, a glowing camel and a tiny little lamb invited us to come to the manger as mason jar luminaries lighted the way…

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Each year I especially look forward to seeing the horses from Paradise Stables. Teams of Percherons, one black and one white, pull carts filled with holiday shoppers, the sound of their heavy shod hooves breaking the stillness as they strike the pavement: Clip clop! Clip clop!

Blog-HarwichStroll2014-21Blog-HarwichStroll2014-22We found both teams at the Chamber of Commerce. Dancing a step or two in place, the white pair leaped forward in their collars and trotted off into the night, with the sounds of their jingling bells and clopping hooves filling the air with holiday magic.

Blog-HarwichStroll2014-23We followed the horses as they trotted up the street, gazing into shop windows filled with everything from kites to candy canes to kazoos!

Blog-HarwichStroll2014-26For those who were feeling a bit hungry from all the strolling, the corner fudge shop was selling gooey chocolates by the pound and steaming hot pizzas were flying out the door at George’s pizza parlor.

Blog-HarwichStroll2014-27One of our favorite attractions this year was the brass trio that played Christmas carols. Such a heartwarming backdrop to the entire evening, We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas!

Blog-HarwichStroll2014-25And all evening long, from just about anywhere that you stood along Main Street, you could look up and see the great church steeple shining like a beacon against the dark night sky.

Blog-HarwichStroll2014-29When it was time at last to head for home we turned to say good night to the village. We could hear the clip clop, clip clop of the horses as they passed us once more, heading off into the night under the Full Cold Moon.

Blog-HarwichStroll2014-30Blog-HarwichStroll2014-31Thank you for visiting Hats and Horses, and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!



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