New Year’s Eve, Cape Cod Style

My New Year’s Eve here on Cape Cod was quiet and reflective. Just what I needed to get ready for the New Year.

Blog-NYEve2014-ForestBeachLoop212The evening walk began with an unexpected stop at Red River Beach. I had spotted a Great Blue Heron in the river and there was no way I was going to pass up the chance to get a few pics of this glorious bird who had just made my New Year’s Eve!

Blog-NYEve2014-RedRiver-NewYearsEve2014 From there it was on to the marsh at Forest Beach!

The tall golden grass and my friend the cedar never looked more beautiful to me. And as always at sunset time, the old RCA towers always reminded me of some great monoliths of a bygone place and time.

Blog-NYEve2014-ForestBeachLoop203Blog-NYEve2014-ForestBeachLoop204 As I headed out on my walk loop, I stopped at another favorite spot that looks across Forest Beach marsh to the lighthouse at Harding’s Beach. But instead of the lighthouse, this time I turned my lens upon the dunes at Harding’s Beach that were aglow with the setting sun.

Blog-NYEve2014-ForestBeachLoop205As I walked along I noticed how quiet it was in the ‘hood. Lucky for me, everyone had headed to the hubbub of Chatham Village for the First Night celebrations there. Still, I was not alone as tiny birds and angels waved to me and wished me, Happy New Year!

Blog-NYEve2014-ForestBeachLoop206When I arrived at Mill Landing, I was surprised to see a swan, a juvenile, looking like he was covered in sooty charcoal, slowly gliding up the channel toward Taylor Pond. I’ve seen the adults here many times, but this was my first sighting of one of the year’s new offspring. Another gift for New Year’s Eve!

Blog-NYEve2014-ForestBeachLoop207And he wasn’t alone as the Landing was abuzz with the distant quacking of ducks offshore. I took a long, deep breath, gazing up and down the shoreline, soaking in the golden beauty before me.

Blog-NYEve2014-ForestBeachLoop211Blog-NYEve2014-ForestBeachLoop213Out over the lobster pots I spotted the deserted osprey perch in the distance. Like me it awaits the spring and the chance to welcome back once again the travel-weary osprey to their summer breeding ground.

Blog-NYEve2014-ForestBeachLoop210As I turned to head back up the hill I noticed in the far distance a couple walking along Forest Beach, their beautiful greyhound in his bright red Christmas coat leading the way!

Blog-NYEve2014-ForestBeachLoop209Driving home, I made one last stop at Red River Beach, the beach of my childhood. I was just in time to catch the year’s last remaining sunlight reflecting on the waves at the first jettie.

Blog-NYEve2014-ForestBeachLoop218Home at last, I lit up our steps all a-twinkle with Christmas lights to show us the way.

Blog-NYEve2014-ForestBeachLoop219Our tiny deck tree, surrounded by pumpkins and garden critters for company, welcomed us home at the top of the stairs.

Blog-NYEve2014-ForestBeachLoop220And as this year comes to a close I just want to thank you for joining me here at Hats and Horses. Your company, your comments and your support have meant so much to me as I share my life of hats, horses, kitties and Cape Cod with you here.

And I wish you and your loved ones a very happy, healthy, peaceful New Year to come!

Blog-NYEve2014-ForestBeachLoop221‘Til next time,



4 Replies to “New Year’s Eve, Cape Cod Style”

  1. Thank you for your Blog. I feel like I am along on your walks and love the pictues that you post. Thank you for sharing beautiful Marmee with us. I have kitty and doggy family and love them so much. I love horses and the hats that you design are amazing. Old Friends is a place that I would love to visit. Hope you and your family have a very Happy New Year and give sweet Marmee a big hug for me.


    1. Consider her hugged, Jean, thank you! And I am so glad that my blogs make you feel like you are right alongside as I walk along the marshes of the Cape. And thank you for all your kind words about the hats! 🙂


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