MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® Derby Hat Countdown – 91 of 101

Welcome to the Derby Hat Countdown featuring 101 Derby hats created by MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®!

Today we are showcasing Hat #91, the “Colette” wide brim design that is found in Salon 2 of the Derby Hat Collection at…

Blog-DerbyHatCountdownPoster-2015-91HatsThe Colette was actually inspired by another MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® Derby hat design, the Jamie. Featuring a wavy silk organza brim edge, the Jamie has been a fan favorite for weddings as well as the Derby since its introduction.

Blog-JamieBR140-001FI fashioned the shape of the Colette similar to the shape of the Jamie and then designed a new trim for her. I called the new trim “bow loops”: silk organza bows that are made using millinery wire to make them moldable; I love the way the organza fabric glistens when light shines through the loops.

The hat base was created from white dupioni silk. Several yards of bow loops in silver silk organza were then added followed by red rose curl fashioned out of alternating layers of deep red metallic taffeta and red dupioni silk in honor of the red roses of the Derby.

Blog-ColetteDer208-001D Finally, the addition of several black satin leaves and a distinctive red button, et voila, a new Derby chapeau design featuring the new and unique moldable bow loops!


For more views of the Colette chapeau, please visit the Colette hat webpage.

And don’t forget to visit our Derby Hat Collection offering four new Derby hat salons this year featuring Big Brims, Extra Wide Brims, Flappers/Medium Brims, Fascinators, Cocktail Hats and Cloches.

Thank you for visiting us here at Hats and Horses for Hat 91 of our Derby Hat Countdown.

Just 90 Derby chapeaux and 90 days to go ’til the 141st Kentucky Derby!

Your Derby Trivia Question for today – When you attend the Kentucky Derby, which fashion accessory is a must have?

The answer can be found at the following link – Derby Hats.

‘Til next time, on to the Derby!





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