MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® Derby Hat Countdown – 61 of 101

The Derby Hat Countdown continues featuring 101 Derby hats created by MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®!

Today we are featuring Hat #61, the “Taylor”, a brand new Derby top hat design that is found in Derby Hat Salon 3 at

Blog-DerbyHatCountdownPoster-2015-61HatsSeveral years ago, a lady contacted me regarding a custom Derby hat design. Together we created the “Tess” hat which has been a fan favorite for years for weddings and teas as well as the Kentucky Derby.

Blog-TessBR144-002EThis year for Derby, I wanted to create a top hat with a flatter brim design that would also be created with wire in the construction so that it could be reshaped as desired for many different looks.

I fashioned the base of the hat out of a mocha and black striped taffeta and added a flat, wired black dupioni silk brim.

Blog-TaylorDer186-001B-Web.MedI trimmed the crown of the hat with a narrow black braid, and then swirled soft mocha tulle around the crown, gathering it softly in the back in a free form “bow”.

Blog-TaylorDer186-001G-Web.MedFor the trim centerpiece I fashioned a single black silk organza rose curl and framed it with a medley of chocolate and gold organza leaves. I nestled the floral centerpiece into the center of the bow and let long tails of the mocha tulle spill down the brim.

Blog-TaylorDer186-001H-Web.MedI love the look of top hats. They have an “equestrian” flair and are decidedly romantic. The new “Taylor” top hat design is perfect for your Derby adventure and all your equine sporting events!

Blog-TaylorDer186-001D-Web.MedFor more views of the “Taylor” hat design shown above, please visit the Taylor Der186-001 webpage at

And don’t forget to visit our Derby Hat Collection offering four new Derby hat salons this year featuring Big Brims, Extra Wide Brims, Flappers/Medium Brims, Fascinators, Cocktail Hats and Cloches.

Thank you for visiting us here at Hats and Horses for Hat 61 of our Derby Hat Countdown.

Just 60 Derby chapeaux and 60 days to go ’til the 141st Kentucky Derby!

Your Derby Trivia Question for today – What is the name of the company in New England that has been creating the Derby trophy since 1975?

The answer can be found at the following link – Derby Hats.

‘Til next time, on to the Derby!


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