MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® Derby Hat Countdown – 19 of 101

The Derby Hat Countdown continues featuring 101 Derby hats created by MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®!

Today we are featuring Hat #19 and one of our stars for the 2015 Derby season, the “Jazzmine”, a brand new wide brim design that is found in Derby Hat Salon 2 at

Blog-DerbyHatCountdownPoster-2015-19Hats This Spring I have had a major craving for black and white hats. I recently added the Annabelle in white linen with pinstripe bow to the Derby Hat Collection.

Now it was time for something truly grand! I wanted to create a black and white wide brim chapeau that would make a real splash for the 141st Run for the Roses.

I got started by fashioning a 17-inch hat foundation in white dupioni silk.

Blog-JazzmineDer199-001A-Web.MedNext, for something truly different, I created a white silk organza ruffled layer and set it aside. I then fashioned thin strips of black dupioni silk and top stitched them to the white ruffled brim layer. Adding the ruffled layer to the outer brim edge really gave it some major drama and dimension.

Blog-JazzmineDer199-001D-Web.MedFor the trim centerpiece I created a large Marguerite out of white silk organza petals with a small black silk organza rose curl for the center. Next I took black silk organza and fashioned enormous “leaves” with wired edges to frame the Marguerite.

Blog-JazzmineDer199-001G-Web.MedBlog-JazzmineDer199-001M-Web.MedFinally, I created a sash out of black taffeta, laid it around the crown and added a matching black button for the final accent.

Blog-JazzmineDer199-001O-Web.MedI am now pleased to present the new “Jazzmine” chapeau, ready for her Red Carpet debut at the 141st Run for the Roses at Churchill Downs. For me, the “Jazzmine” includes everything that is traditional and elegant about the wide brim chapeaux of Derby Day…

And all that JAZZ!

Blog-JazzmineDer199-001A-Web.MedFor more views of the “Jazzmine” hat design shown above, please visit the Jazzmine Der199-001 webpage at

And don’t forget to visit our Derby Hat Collection offering four new Derby hat salons this year featuring Big Brims, Extra Wide Brims, Flappers/Medium Brims, Fascinators, Cocktail Hats and Cloches.

Thank you for visiting us here at Hats and Horses for Hat 19 of our Derby Hat Countdown.

Just 18 Derby chapeaux and 18 days to go ’til the 141st Kentucky Derby!

Your Derby Trivia Question for today – In what year did Queen Elizabeth II attend the KY Derby and who was the winner?

The answer can be found at the following link – Derby Hats.

‘Til next time, on to the Derby!



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