Reflections on a Crown – Part II

Hats and Horses

Preakness Day arrived and the second jewel in the Triple Crown was on the line for American Pharoah.

Blog-AmericanPharoah-ChurchillDownsMay2015-LauraBattles32-FramedWith a forecast for thunderstorms at post time, the stage was set for some high Triple Crown drama; the crowd was filled with anticipation.

All day long, my wonderful Preakness hat customers sent me photos from Pimlico racetrack which helped to ease the tension that I was feeling.

As predicted, a thunderstorm hit just prior to the race. By the time of the post parade you could barely make out the shapes of the horses in the wind-driven rain. Everyone wondered, Will they cancel the race?

Then, just as the last horse had been loaded into the gate we heard the announcer exclaim that a lightning bolt was seen in the skies over Pimlico. The next thing we knew, the gate flew open and the race was on!

Fortunately, American Pharoah seemed…

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