Reflections on a Crown – Part III

Hats and Horses

My “Darby” hat was going to the Belmont to help Leigh McKathan and her husband JB cheer on American Pharoah for the last leg of the Triple Crown!

The idea that this tiny cocktail could be the hat to see a Triple Crown champion crowned made me want to savor every single moment of its creation.

Blog-DarbyDer102-001AWeb.Lg But win or lose, American Pharoah was already a hero to me and every inch of this hat was going to have my admiration for him stitched into it.

Blog-AmericanPharoah-ChurchillDownsMay2015-LauraBattles17-FramedI got the yellow dupioni silk foundation underway.


Next, three red rose curls, shaped out of silk organza. They reminded me of the three jewels of the Triple Crown as I clustered them together for the center of the trim design.

Blog-Darby-HatProcess3ABlog-Darby-HatProcess3B-copy Four silk organza “feathers” came next, wired for shaping.

Blog-Darby-HatProcess5AA multi-layered bow in red silk organza was created and added.

Curly organza tails were…

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