The Daily Topper from MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® – May 29, 2016

Welcome to The Daily Topper with MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®!

This morning I am sharing the Diana SMM5-035, a lovely medium brimmed hat style in natural linen trimmed with a black linen and silk Marguerite and yummy chocolate dupioni silk sash!

TheDailyTopper-May29-2016-BlogA lovely chapeau for carriage driving competition or something special like that trip in July to the Saratoga meet!

DianaSMM5-035DFor all the details on this hat style, please visit the Diana SMM5-035 webpage.

Thank you for visiting me here for The Daily Topper at Hats and Horses!



Author: hatsandhorses

Sally Faith Steinmann is the owner and designer of MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS Custom Millinery. A native of Cape Cod, Sally creates couture hats for the Kentucky Derby, Royal Ascot, Saratoga, weddings, teas, and garden parties. MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS sponsors "Hats Off to the Horses", an annual online Derby hat fundraiser for the retired racehorses of Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement facility in KY.

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