December 5, 2016

The amazing Charismatic has arrived to his new home at Old Friends in Kentucky. Safe and well, he joins an amazing herd there at Dream Chase Farm! ❤

Old Friends Blog


Here are some much better pics from yesterday, with many thanks to the tireless Laura Battles.

2016-1205-2-c-pace-lb Did I say trot? Wow, look at this floating pace, too. Move over, Dan Patch!

2016-1205-3-ad-four-off-ground-lb Afternoon Deelites has a ready answer. All 4 off the ground!



2016-1205-6-c-portrait-lb Though the horses around him were more interesting than the people, he came over for a little while to say hello.

2016-1205-7-sc-isnt-impressed-lb Silver Charm, in the paddock next to all the action, let us know he was NOT impressed. (He also wants you to notice that Barbara L is NOT pointing her camera at HIM.) Silver Charm: always dignified even in exasperation.


2016-1205-9-c-and-dwl-lb D. Wayne Lukas looks his former trainee over.

2016-1205-10-c-and-dwl-lb And approves. The horses who’ve come to us from both JBBA and Shadai Stallion Station have all returned in admirable condition.


More about Charismatic’s settling in will come soon. Do I like this horse? You might say so.


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