The “Milliner’s Muse” Meets Royal Ascot

Ascot Racecourse, famous for that unforgettable racing scene in the great musical, My Fair Lady, has been celebrating its grand June tradition of Royal Ascot racing since the racecourse was founded in 1711 by Queen Anne.

This year our Marmee, known at MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® as “The Milliner’s Muse“, decided that she was going to go all out for the closing day of racing at Royal Ascot.

The most important thing, of course, was choosing the perfect hat!

After much deliberation, Marmee chose the “Charlize“, a stunning silver roses brocade cocktail hat design with a large coral and peach organza petal peony trim from MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®.

Such an important decision it was, and Marmee had a lot of help from her friends.

Friends who just happened to be some of this world’s top Royal Ascot fashion consultants.And right down to her Dear Duckie, all of Marmee’s friends concurred.

The “Charlize” was paws, wings and webbed feet down THE chapeau that would give Marmee just that perfect air of mystery.

Don’t you agree?

All week long Marmee waited as patiently as she could for the big day of racing to arrive.

She waited…

And she waited…

And then she waited some more.

Taking power naps in between as needed, of course.

Until at last, closing day at Royal Ascot dawned!

Marmee was up with the birds getting herself ready.

And as Marmee will tell you, one can never be too well groomed for such a special occasion as the Diamond Jubilee Stakes on closing day at Ascot!

It was a grand day of racing to be sure!

And we are so proud to report that Marmee’s chapeau won first prize in the “Purrrr-fect Hat” category!

But when we went to tell her the good news, we couldn’t find her anywhere!

We finally found the poor dear…

Konked out by the front door, her little winning chapeau still upon her head, sleeping as soundly as she ever had before.

I suppose even a Milliner’s Muse gets tired, now and again.

So on behalf of our dear Marmee and all of us here at MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®…

Happy Royal Ascot 2017 , everybody!   ❤




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