A Gift from Mimi

I was given a very special Christmas gift years ago by a wonderful lady named Mimi. Mimi is my husband’s mom and truly the matriarch and the heart of their whole family.

Mimi’s love for Christmas is unmatched. At Christmas time she always seems to find for each one of us the perfect gift that reflects what we are the most passionate about in our lives.

Two Christmases ago Mimi found me a very special snow globe. Somehow she knew I was a snow globe fan. Whenever I see one, I can’t resist tipping it upside down and watching the snowflakes swirl and dance as they come alive and slowly fall to cover the scene inside. And this globe was extra special because it had three of my favorite things inside its magical glass: horses, snow and the woods.

Mimi has been on my mind a lot this week as I looked at into my snowy globe and thought about her. As I did, my favorite poem by Robert Frost, Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening, kept coming to mind.


The gentle peacefulness conveyed through the poet’s words helped slow me down.


Allowing me to think only of these snowy woods, the two horses…


And most especially, our Mimi.


Thank you, Mimi, and Happy Holidays everyone!



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