Little Silver Charm Stands Tall at Old Friends

Little Silver Charm is the official spokeshorse of Old Friends Equine in Kentucky. Blessed with good looks, a quick wit and a captivating personality, Little Silver Charm is an ambassador for all the retired racehorses of Old Friends. His message touches the hearts of thousands, young and old, who visit Dream Chase Farm each year.

When I finally caught up with Little Silver Charm for this Q&A, I asked him about his life at Dream Chase Farm and his recent photo shoot with Rosie Napravnik for the upcoming “Hats Off to the Horses” Derby hat auction to benefit Old Friends.

Little Silver Charm, photo by
Little Silver Charm, photo by

Sally: Little Silver Charm, welcome to Hats and Horses!

Little Silver Charm: Hi Sally. I am flattered that you want to interview me, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Since I assumed the position of official Old Friends spokeshorse, people are always asking me my opinions on a variety of subjects. Occasionally they ask me extremely personal questions and I always try to answer as diplomatically as possible even though it’s none of their business. It’s difficult, sometimes, being in the public eye.

Little Silver Charm with Michael and Diane, photo by

Sally: To begin with, what would you like me to call you?

Little Silver Charm: You can call me Charmie. All my friends do. I’m also known as LSC, The Charmster and Mr. Charm.

Sally: Charmie, for those who may be meeting you here for the first time, how would you describe yourself to us?

Little Silver Charm: I would like to make it clear that I am a miniature horse, not a pony. People are always using the “P” word to describe me and, frankly, it’s demeaning. I am a horse! Only smaller. I am a stallion and, as people are always telling me, quite handsome, in an unconventional way. I think my flowing silver mane is my best feature.

Little Silver Charm, photo by

Sally: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Little Silver Charm: I dreamed about being a Thoroughbred champion, like my idol Silver Charm. Alas it was not to be. It wasn’t in the stars, or in the genes.

Sally: I have often heard that you are the official spokeshorse for Old Friends. How did you come to live at Dream Chase Farm?

Little Silver Charm: Since I inspired Michael to found Old Friends it made sense, to me at least, that I should be designated the official spokeshorse. It’s a position that requires fabulous communications skills and plenty of charisma. I was the obvious choice. I was, of course, the very first horse to move with Michael to Dream Chase Farm, before any of the famous stallions. When they arrived, I showed them the ropes.

Little Silver Charm with Marquetry, photo courtesy of Old Friends

Sally: What is your idea of a perfect day at Old Friends?

Little Silver Charm: Lots of visitors, lots of treats, lots of walks, lots of grazing and no rain. I hate getting wet.

Little Silver Charm with a new friend, photo by

Sally: What are your very favorite treats?

Little Silver Charm: Nabisco Ginger Snaps! But I’m not allowed to have them every day because I have to watch my figure. I love carrots, too. I eat lots and lots of carrots. Unlike many of my fellow Old Friends I’m not really mad about mints, although I have been known to eat them when nothing else is available.

Sally: I have heard that you play soccer. Tell us about that.

Little Silver Charm: Michael and I sometimes play soccer to entertain visitors to the farm. I learned about soccer when I was living at the racetrack, at Rockingham Park in New Hampshire, after I was rescued from that horrible truck that was about to take me on a one-way trip. Some of the grooms liked to kick around a soccer ball and it looked like fun. When we moved to the farm I persuaded Michael to buy me a soccer ball and I soon discovered that I have a natural affinity for the sport. I wish I could say the same for Michael.

Little Silver Charm and Michael, photo courtesy of Old Friends

Sally: I’ve also heard that you are branching out into a modeling career. How did that come about?

Little Silver Charm: I’ve always been extremely photogenic. I’ve often heard it said that I rarely take a bad photograph. Actually, I’ve often said it myself. When Vivian Morrison, who manages our e-bay auctions, wanted a horse to model some champions’ saddlecloths, she naturally turned to me. Since then I have modeled some other items for Viv. She says I can sell anything. Of course I can. I’m a pro.

Little Silver Charm models Clever Allemont cap, photo courtesy of Old Friends
Charmie models EBay saddlecloth, photo by Viv Morrison

Sally: You are such an inspiration to so many; I was wondering who has inspired you during your life in the way of horses or people?

Little Silver Charm: Michael inspires me every day. He is the only individual on the farm, horse or human, who works harder than I do.

Little Silver Charm and Michael, photo by

Sally: Charmie, you must have a lot of fans who visit you at Old Friends. Do many jockeys come to see you?

Little Silver Charm: We have had a number of jockeys visit the farm. Rosie Napravnik. Chris McCarron. Jean Cruguet. Kent Desormeaux. Julian Leparoux, Richard Migliore. Patti Cooksey, Susie Picou. Johnny Oldham. I’m not sure I can flatter myself that they came to see me, specifically, but I think they all went away happier and more fulfilled for having met me.

Little Silver Charm with Kent Desormeaux, photo by

Sally: Is it true that Rosie Napravnik holds a very special place in your heart along with the fair Zenyatta?

Little Silver Charm: Now you’re getting personal. I confess that I adore them both. I keep a photograph of Zenyatta pinned up in my run-in shed, and a photo of Rosie and me occupies a prominent spot on my Facebook page.

Charmie with Zenyatta, photo courtesy of Old Friends
Charmie’s Valentine to Zenyatta, with a little help from Sylvia!

Sally: Charmie, during our first year of “Hats off to the Horses” with Old Friends you inspired me to create the “Little Silver Charm” fascinator hat. I was wondering if you like wearing hats?

Little Silver Charm: I think you must be a millinery genius. The Little Silver Charm fascinator captured my essence. It was perfection in hat form. Personally, in my everyday life around the farm, I don’t wear hats. I’m not sure that I have a “hat face.”

The "Little Silver Charm" hat
The “Little Silver Charm” hat, “Hats Off to the Horses” auction (2010)

Sally: You recently participated in a photo shoot with another one of my auction hats, the “Sean Avery,” with your own dear Rosie wearing the hat and your friends Wendy and Matt Wooley of EquiSport Photos doing the photography. Tell me about the experience and what it felt like in front of the camera with Rosie.

Little Silver Charm: Being with Rosie anywhere is my idea of perfection. She looked so lovely in your hat. I think that Wendy and Matt, and Rosie too, were stunned by the level of my professionalism. I was so cool, in contrast to Sean Avery, who wouldn’t stand still, even for Rosie, and appeared to want to eat the hat.

Charmie with Rosie Napravnik, photo by

Sally: Are there any projects you are excited about doing with Old Friends?

Little Silver Charm: I have more modeling gigs coming up. I have plans to expand my recently launched Little Silver Charm School of Modeling. And I’m working on developing my own signature fragrance.

Sally: Charmie, how can your friends stay updated on you and connect?

Little Silver Charm: They can visit my Facebook page, Little Silver Charm at Old Friends.

Sally: Thank you, Charmie, for being my very first interview here at Hats and Horses. And thank you also, Diane White, for helping to facilitate the conversation from across the miles!

Charmie and Diane, photo courtesy of Old Friends

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  1. I was able to visit Old Friends when I attended the Secretariat Festival this year. It is a FANTASTIC place, and I hope to go back next year. I LOVE your hats, especially the one for Charmie….I had a lot of fun with Charmie during my visit. THANKS, Sally, for all of the wonderful work you do!!!!!!


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